Our art contest has officially ended and the results are in!

Winner! – Frostyshark


As the winner, Frostyshark will be receiving a free and guaranteed spot in our Artists Alley at Ushicon 13!

We had a lot of great submissions this year, so it was hard to choose just one winner. With the artists’ permission, we’ve compiled all of the submissions below for you to view!

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official_ushiko_head_model_by_ushicon-d63fy9fCalling all artists! Want to win a guaranteed and FREE and GUARANTEED spot in the Artist Alley at Ushicon 2018? We are looking for talented artists to create their own rendition of our mascot, Ushiko. Please send your submissions to Due to a low number of submissions, the deadline has been extended to March 31, 2017.

Since our Artist Alley is filled through a lottery, this is a great deal! Winning the contest means that you get to bypass the lottery completely and ensure your spot in the Artist Alley.

Contest Rules:


We had a great time this past February. If you are interested in seeing some pictures from the convention, you can check some from PRO Photography in our facebook album here:
Ushicon 11 Facebook Photo Album

UshiRiToRi is a card game we’ve been working on featuring art from convention artist Tachiik who has also been behind the art used on Ushicon tshirts the last 5 years. (read more…)

I love me some “Log Horizon”, it’s a great show with fun and engaging characters and an interesting narrative. Now that Sentai Filmworks has released the first part, the English dub is available to watch. How is it?
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