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Panel submissions are now open for 2018!

It does not cost anything to run a panel (although a membership will be required). Each hour of eligible programming entitles the panelist to a $15 discount towards Ushicon membership fees.  This means that 3 hours of programming would grant a panelist a full membership. Submitting multiple panels does not guarantee all of them will be approved.  Please see below for full guidelines:

  • Multiple discounts can be applied to a single registration, but may not exceed the Membership fee
  • Up to 2 people may apply the discount for each hour of eligible programming (for groups larger than 2 people, group members will need to coordinate between themselves)
  • Promotional panels (ie panels telling about group or company projects) are not eligible
  • Game/Tournament running is not eligible
  • Please submit ALL equipment requests WITH your panel submission(s), any panel submissions without equipment requests will be assumed to have their own equipment.
  • Ushicon programming is intended to allow fans to share their expertise and interests with one another, programming that is not eligible for membership discounts is still welcome.

Ushicon strives to bring quality panels and features to our members, be they humorous, informative, or just plain fun. Some panels are run by Ushicon members, others are run by Ushicon guests. Even our staffers host panels! If you’re wondering what to do at Ushicon, checking out a panel is a great way to get to get involved in convention fun!

Any questions regarding events can be sent to

Signature Events

Here are a few things you can expect from Ushicon this upcoming year!

  • Guest Panels
  • Autographs
  • Anime Pub Trivia
  • Tabletop Gaming
  • Arcade
  • Ushiko’s Maid Cafe (new and improved!)
  • Video Theaters
  • Game Shows
  • Puzzle Building (Thursday evening only!)
  • Dealer’s Room
  • Artist’s Alley
  • Workshops
  • Panels
  • Karaoke
  • Meetups


Our events schedule for 2018 will be posted in late January/early February. To tide you over until then, see below for a list of our main events and our schedule from our 2017 convention.

2017 Events Schedule

Anime Pub Trivia

Throw back a few cold ones and show off just how great a fan you are.  Yeah, you don’t live in your mom’s basement like those nerds on the red team, but you still know more about anime than them, because that’s just how awesome you are.  This event will take place on Saturday night, so don’t miss it!

Guest Panels

Coming soon! Whoever we announce for our guests in 2018, you can be sure that they’ll talk about anime, share some fun stories, and have at least a couple of autograph signings.


Ushicon’s Arcade is brimming with electronic diversions both new and retro! Tournaments for 2018 are TBD, but last year, they included Virtual On (Saturn), SF5 (PC), Samurai Shodown 2 (Neo Geo), Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) and Super Smash Bros 4 (WiiU)! Peruse a plethora of pixelated pastimes with the choice of 15 console, PC, and classic MAC setups!

Tabletop Gaming

Board games of all kinds will be available in our Tabletop Gaming room.  Come play games like Boss Monster, where you build a dungeon and try to kill as many heroes as possible.  Or you could play classics like Carcassonne, Fluxx, and Small World.  Want something quick and easy to learn?  Try Cards Against Humanity, Tsuro, or Ascension!  A full list of games will be available in our Guidebook app.

Video Theaters

Celebrating anime the best way we know how – by watching way too much! Ranging from classics to the best new shows of the year, we’ll have great things to see all weekend long. Stop by to reminisce about old favorites, or check out that new show you’ve been meaning to catch.

Ushiko’s Maid Cafe

Ushiko’s Maid Cafe will return in 2018! Expect more fun snacks and drinks, and of course, maids and butlers to serve you. More info to come later in the year!

And more!

Members just like you are bringing a lot of great panels, workshops, and game shows for you to enjoy.  Here’s just a small taste of what you can expect*:

  • Karaoke Party
  • Game Shows
  • Workshops
  • Puzzle Building – Thursday night only!
  • Sentai Primer
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons
  • Swap Meets – bring your unwanted stuff to trade with other members
  • And many other panels!

*Information may change without warning, as cancellations are always a possibility.

Join our Facebook Group, and you may hear some of our members talking about other panels that we haven’t been able to mention on our website yet!

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