We had a great time this past February. If you are interested in seeing some pictures from the convention, you can check some from PRO Photography in our facebook album here:
Ushicon 11 Facebook Photo Album

UshiRiToRi is a card game we’ve been working on featuring art from convention artist Tachiik who has also been behind the art used on Ushicon tshirts the last 5 years. (read more…)

I love me some “Log Horizon”, it’s a great show with fun and engaging characters and an interesting narrative. Now that Sentai Filmworks has released the first part, the English dub is available to watch. How is it?
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LN CoverWe’ve been meaning to get more fan content going on, so I guess I’ll kick things off with the first Accel World Light Novel.

Accel World is a series written by Reki Kawakara (author of “Sword Art Online”). I like to say there’s an analogy between SAO protagonist Kirito being the cool, popular lead of the “cool, popular” series, while AW protagonist Haruyuki is the dumpy, bullied (but secretly cool and powerful) lead of the underappreciated, but entertaining series. (plus Kuroyukihime is better than Asuna) (read more…)

Although we’ve been operating as an age restricted convention for the past four years, we still frequently get asked “Why are you an 18 & older convention? It sounds like a hentai convention.” The simple answer is this: we’re recreating the atmosphere of an old-school anime convention when convention attendees were mostly made up of college students.

It’s not a secret that when Ushicon went on hiatus in 2006, we couldn’t reconcile our core values of respecting content creators with the attitudes from the growing attendee population of younger generations. It’s fantastic that anime is getting more popular by the day, but the all-ages show at Ushicon 5 simply wasn’t the convention we set out to make back in 2002. When we returned in 2011, we implemented our 18 & older policy to promote specific values in our celebration of anime: maturity and respect.

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