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UshiRiToRi is a card game we’ve been working on featuring art from convention artist Tachiik who has also been behind the art used on Ushicon tshirts the last 5 years.

Each UshiRiToRi card has individual art by Tachiik representing a Japanese word on the card. The word features a particular hiragana character which is highlighted and noted elsewhere on the card. The word is defined in English and the featured hiragana character is romanized to help you read it.
The card also has the katakana character. (hiragana is the primary Japanese “alphabet”, katakana is the set of characters used mainly for foreign words)

If you are new to learning Japanese, you can practice hiragana by playing under the beginner rules. In this mode of play you play cards in sequence based on colors and character readings. This allows you to improve your proficiency by reinforcing the readings and recognition. If your experience with the Japanese language is deeper, the Advanced and Expert rules provide opportunities for you to practice your vocabulary by building Japanese words from hiragana.

Check it out, and good luck with your Japanese.




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