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UshiLogo150.jpg   Membership (Good thru 2/19/2018)  

Please enter your name and preferred badge/card name. "Name" should be your legal name (first & last) and "Card Name" is whatever you choose to have displayed on your member card.

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no-image150 Ushicon 2018 T-Shirt

Tshirt for Ushicon 2018


no-image150 Ushicon 13 Masu Cup

Enjoy some sake with this special commemorative wooden masu cup. (2018 design pending) * (if ordered alone, select "Pickup" for shipping) These will be available at the convention.

UshiRiToRi_Box150.png UshiRiToRi

Hiragana card game featuring Ushicon mascot Ushiko!

MatShopImg150w.jpg UshiRiToRi Playmat

Oversized playmat designed for assistance playing UshiRiToRi basic. Playmat measures 14" x 28"

StoreKanjiPromo150.jpg Kanji Pack 1 (Basic mode expansion)

This is a pack that includes special kanji cards that add some bonus play options to UshiRiToRi's beginner mode style of play. Includes instructions on how to incorporate the kanji cards in the basic game.

HentaiHotTub_Robe150.jpg Ushicon BathRobe

Plush Bathrobe, featuring parody logo for Ushicon Hentai HotTub on the left chest pocket. Get dirty while cleaning up!  

(If you need this item shipped, contact Ushicon directly. If you order this item it will be waiting for you at the Ushicon convention)