Dealers and Artists at Ushicon

Our Dealers Room and Artist Alley are both sold out now, so here’s a peek at who will be vending this year*:

Dealers Room

  • Rik&Ric Otaku Cafe – Bringing anime culture, figures, and games to the Otaku of Texas and soon world wide! Embrace your inner Otaku!
  • Kyoto Kytchen – We are a Japanese Snacks vendor, based in Fort Worth, Texas, normally carrying dozens of products. Everything from pocky to ramune, and breads to hi-chew.
  • White Lightning – Making and selling stuff we think is cool since 1997. Comics, Books, T-shirts, Games, Music, Whatever.
  • Wayne’s Comic Closet – Offering a variety of non-sports trading cards, comic books, magazines, and related toys.
  • Mage’s Sanctum – South Austin gamer store for all ages, specializing in CCG and Tabletop Gaming. Mage’s Sanctum holds regular events and tournaments for a variety of games.
  • Fully Artomatic – Pop up art supply store run by Ruby and Luan, two formally educated, working artists. We cater to illustrators and mangaka of all types, genres, and skill level. We carry great brands such as Copic, Kuretake, Chameleon, Deleter, and others!
  • Cabbits Co – Plush tails, ear sets, and fantasy pieces.

Artists Alley

Visit their websites for a preview of their work!

*Information subject to change, as cancellations are always a possibility.



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